Outsourcing Call Centre Work to the Philippines

As the global business landscape evolves, Australian businesses are continuously seeking innovative strategies to enhance their operational efficiency, cut costs, and deliver superior customer experiences.

If you are considering outsourcing call centre work to the Philippines, you’ll be pleased to know it offers a host of benefits for Australian businesses including some significant cost savings which if often the key driver for companies looking to move their contact centres offshore.

In this article, we will delve into the compelling reasons why Australian businesses should consider moving their call centre work to the Philippines while also examining potential risks and how they can be mitigated.

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing your Call Centre to the Philippines

1. Cost Efficiency with Quality Assurance

The Philippines offers a skilled and educated workforce at a fraction of the labour costs of contact centre workers in Australia.

Companies that outsource their call centre work to the Philippines can achieve cost savings of up to 70%, and at a minimum, you could expect at least a 40% saving.

This cost advantage doesn’t come at the expense of quality; the country’s robust education system produces professionals with excellent communication skills and strong work ethics.

2. Execptional English Proficiency

English is widely spoken in the Philippines, and the country consistently ranks high in global English proficiency indexes.

This linguistic prowess ensures that communication between call centre agents and Australian customers is smooth and effective, minimising misunderstandings and enhancing customer satisfaction.

3. Strategic Time Zone Alignment

The Philippines operates within a similar time zone to Australia’s eastern states, with just a two-hour time difference with Melbourne/Sydney during AEST (and 3-hours during AEDT).

This alignment allows businesses to offer extended customer support hours without the need for overnight staffing and makes it easy to communicate with your outsourcing partner without the need for late-night or early-morning meetings.

4. Cultural Affinity and Customer-Centric Approach

Whilst we may not share a love of AFL, Rugby or Cricket, the Philippines shares cultural values such as hospitality and empathy with Australia.

Filipino call centre agents are renowned for their customer-centric approach, which fosters positive customer interactions and leads to higher customer retention rates, customer satisfaction etc.

5. Scalability and Operational Flexibility

The Philippine outsourcing industry is equipped to handle varying campaign volumes efficiently.

Businesses can scale their operations up or down as needed, ensuring that service delivery remains consistent even during peak periods.

And with the lower costs, many Australian businesses find they can provide longer operational hours which can increase business outcomes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Risks & Mitigation Strategies

Data Security and Privacy

Risk: Concerns about data security and privacy may arise when outsourcing to offshore locations.

Mitigation: Many BPOs in the Philippines are well-versed in providing secure services for Australian customers and adhere to international data protection standards and protocols. Implementing stringent data security measures, conducting regular audits, and establishing clear contractual agreements regarding data handling can help minimise any risk.

Cultural Differences

Risk: Cultural differences might lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations, affecting the quality of customer interaction

Mitigation: There are numerous BPOs with extensive experience in handling calls from Australia that can, and do, provide ongoing cultural training and sensitivity to ensure they can deliver great customer experiences tailored to Australians. Regular communication, training sessions, and cultural exchange programs can bridge the gap and ensure effective communication.

Why Outsourcing to the Philippines makes sense

Outsourcing call centre operations to the Philippines presents a wealth of benefits for Australian businesses seeking operational excellence and enhanced customer experiences.

The combination of cost efficiency, English proficiency, cultural alignment, and strategic advantages sets the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership.

While risks exist, diligent selection of outsourcing partners and strategic mitigation measures can effectively address these concerns.

By capitalising on the strengths of the Philippine outsourcing industry and addressing potential challenges, Australian businesses can unlock transformative benefits and position themselves for sustained growth in today’s dynamic business environment.

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