Virtual Assistant Functions

If you find yourself getting swamped in your business, hiring a Virtual Assistant can be a simple solution to getting your business (and life!) back on track! But how do you find a good one?

Sure you can search the internet or browse through some directories but that takes precious time, and even if you come up with a few names, how do you know they are any good?

Enter CX Connect! Simply tell us the type of support you need, and then we will arrange for quality-checked and endorsed virtual assistants that have the skills you need to contact you directly with a proposal. Simply select and negotiate terms and hours directly with the VA you like the best and start getting your life back on track!

CX Connect – The Smart Sourcing Solution. Fast, simple, free!

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Types of Virtual Assistant Functions

Like most professions, there are different types of Virtual Assistants who specialise in different tasks. From generic admin support through to specialist lead generation VAs, getting the appropriately skilled VA is critical for success. We’ve listed below the common Virtual Assistant functions that you can use to help support your business:

  • Administration Support

    From handling your inbox, sorting documentation, typing out transcripts and more, a VA is like an extra pair of arms for your productivity!

  • Reception Services

    If your phone is becoming a distraction a VA can answer calls, take messages and screen calls to free up your time.

  • Social Media management

    Anything from Facebook, live chat, Twitter and more a VA can handle your customers across all Social Media platforms.

  • Website content

    From publishing content, updating customer details, uploading the latest articles and more!

  • Lead Generation

    Generate quality leads for your business with a VA who can generate, screen and qualify leads to grow your business.

  • Telemarketing

    The outbound call specialists! Whether it’s a warm lead or cold calling, telemarketing can be a great way to generate new leads.

  • Inbound Calls

    From customer service, sales, account enquiries, tech support and more, a VA can handle low volume calls for your business.

  • Surveys

    If you need to conduct some surveys a VA can take care of the grunt work for you. Making/receiving calls, analysing data and more.

  • Bookkeeping

    Is your invoicing and paperwork a mess? A Virtual Assistant will take of all your headaches.

  • Scheduling

    Organising an event or a meeting? A VA can manage the invitations and attendance for you.

  • Data Entry

    Just need a bunch of data processed? From entering data into spreadsheets etc a VA will take care of it for you.

  • Research

    Need to conduct some research but don’t have the time? A VA can provide a complete solution for you!

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The CX Connect benefits

  • Save money

    Our service is free to use and you receive multiple proposals that will all meet your requirements,  enabling you to compare, negotiate and select the best value for money proposal for your business.

  • You'll receive high-quality proposals

    Our online form will help you define your requirements so you can be assured you’ll only receive contact from Virtual Assistants with the right experience to help you.

  • Local Support

    Our Australian based support team are here to help at any time. Just call us on 1300 CX CONNECT (1300 292 368) or email us at

  • Save time

    Just fill out our online form once, and multiple VAs will be briefed on your requirements and they’ll then contact you directly with proposals.

  • Lower risk

    All our recommended VAs have been screened by us with proven performance supported by other happy customers so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

  • Get connected on your terms

    We know you’re busy so we’ll make sure that you are contacted directly at a time that is convenient to you.

Still got questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our Australian-based support team.

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