Becoming a Supplier on CX Connect

Trying to constantly find new leads to grow your business can be hard work.   Those wasted moments where you’ve spent time writing proposals, making or returning countless phone calls and emails or spending valuable money on advertising with little to no return. 

Well now there’s a better way. Enter our CX Connect service – the smart sourcing for businesses delivering you highly qualified B2B leads directly to your inbox. 

Being a registered supplier on CX Connect is like having an extra Business Development Manager working for you. We do all the advertising and promotions to generate the leads and enquiries, we manage the initial customer enquiries and we help them to define their requirements. And when we find a good match between the customer’s requirements and your business capabilities, we simply refer the lead directly to you.

Once you receive the lead from us, you simply contact the customer with your proposal and you are free to liaise directly with them to negotiate the final solution, prices, contracts etc. And rest assured that when you do receive a lead from us, it’s not just a tick a ‘tick and flick’ service with a few basic details. We’ll send you a full lead brief that includes all the customer requirements so there are no surprises. 

The best bit? It costs absolutely nothing to join, and you only pay us a small commission if you convert the lead we send you. 

CX Connect Supplier Join

How do I sign up as a Supplier?

  • 1. Apply online

    Complete our online application form telling us some basic information about your business.

  • 2. Sign Supplier Agreement

    Sign our Supplier Agreement that sets out the commissions payable, payment schedules etc.

  • 3. Complete Supplier Profile

    Complete a Supplier profile that tells us more about your business and the type of leads you’d like to receive.

  • 4. Customer References

    Provide us with two recent customer references (name, company, phone. email).

Benefits of being a supplier on CX Connect:

Put simply, we get it. Our team has worked in the industry for decades and we understand the challenges for both customers and vendors.

  • It's free to join

    There is no cost to join and you only pay a small commission on leads you successfully convert. We’ve also got generous payment terms so our commissions don’t impact your cash flow.

  • Genuine Partnerships

    We understand the value of sustainable partnerships and are committed to helping you win (and build) on the opportunities we send you.

  • High Quality B2B Leads

    Our online forms act like a virtual BDM for your business. You’ll receive a lead brief from us along with all the information you need to accurately prepare a proposal for the customer.

  • Secure and Confidential

    We are fully compliant with all modern privacy guidelines, we use two-factor ID and our Supplier Agreement contains stringent Confidentiality clauses to protect your information.

Ready to apply?

To get started, just click the button below and complete the online form. If you’d like to learn more about joining as a supplier on CX Connect please email us at or call us on 03 9492 2873 for a confidential chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to join the CX Connect program?

No, the service is completely free to join.

Do we have to pay commissions?

If you are successful in securing new business from a lead we’ve sent you, we have a small success fee that is payable to us with generous payment terms to minimise the impact on your cashflow.

How long is your standard agreement?

Our standard Supplier Agreement is 3 years.

You mentioned commissions, how does it work?

If you are successful in converting a lead we have sent to you, we charge a small commission based on each invoice you send the customer.

You simply send us a copy each time you invoice the customer and we will invoice you for our applicable commission.

So how much is your commission?

It varies depending on the type of products and services you are providing. Please contact us for a confidential conversation. Our Supplier Agreement also sets out the commission rates, tiers and durations.

I read something about generous payment terms?

We know that cash flow can be an issue for most businesses. When you send us a copy of the invoice you sent your customer, we will add 15 days on top of the payment terms you have with your customer. This enables you to get paid by your customer before you need to pay us our small commission.

What’s different about CX Connect from other lead generation models?

Our team has decades’ worth of experience in managing outsource partners and directly managing call centre outsourcing businesses. This provides us with a unique perspective so we could design a service that benefits both you as a supplier, and the customer. 

  • The leads you receive from us are fully qualified and will include a lead brief along with all the detailed customer requirements.
  • Our Supplier portal enables you to control the type of leads we send you. For example,  you can specify things like no commission-only leads, minimum seat sizes, only inbound etc.
  • Your Supplier dashboard provides complete transparency in all transactions with CX Connect so you can review the number of leads you receive from us, the conversion rates, commissions paid and more.
  • You can update your Supplier Profiles and minimum lead requirements at any time so we can flex with your business.
  • Our Supplier Profile section is comprehensive – and we make no apologies for being thorough. Our customers are trusting our recommendations (which helps with your conversions) so it’s paramount we know enough about your business so we can recommend you with confidence.
  • We are fully compliant with all modern privacy guidelines and our Supplier Agreement contains stringent Confidentiality clauses to protect your information.
  • We use two-factor authentication for all supplier logins ensuring your data is protected.

How long does it take before I start getting leads?

On our side, we can have everything set up in a matter of hours! You will however need to allow time for the following:

  • Relevant approvals and signing of our contract
  • Completion of the Supplier Assessment profiles (which can take a couple of hours to input)

What kind of information do you need to know about our business?

To ensure we can confidently recommend your business and deliver qualified leads that are aligned with your objectives, it’s critical we fully understand your business, your experience and the type of leads you are interested in receiving.

To do this, we have a comprehensive online supplier portal to make it easy for you to provide your information and keep it updated as required. The Supplier Profiles are uniquely built and configured depending on the products and services you offer.

How many companies get the same lead?

Because we take the time to fully analyse and understand the customer’s requirements, we are able to ensure that we only introduce leads to you that is an exact fit. By default, this significantly reduces the number of potential ‘matches’ however in the event multiple suppliers are still suitable, we will typically refer the lead to around three suppliers to ensure we don’t waste both your time and the customers. 

If we are referring the lead to you via our RFP/RFI shortlisting service then we are bound by the confidentiality of the customer as to whether to disclose the number of other parties involved in the process.

How many leads can we expect?

It’s difficult to put a number on it as it will depend on what our customers require and how they align with your capabilities.

We do, however, offer full transparency via your dashboard so you’ll be able to track how many leads you’ve received from us, and how many of those you are converting.

Remember, there are no costs to join and we won’t waste your time (or our customer’s time) sending unqualified leads to you that don’t meet your minimum requirements.

Our guiding principle is quality over quantity.

How will I know when I get a lead?

We’ll send an email to your nominated contact(s).