CX Connect provides smart business outsourcing solutions for business in customer service, consulting and technology related services
The smart business outsourcing solution for CX product and service suppliers

What is CX Connect?

CX Connect is a smart sourcing solution that connects you to suppliers of CX business related products and services.

In simple terms, we’re like a specialised business to business broker.  We’re here to connect you quickly and accurately to suppliers of business-related products and service suppliers from call centre outsourcers, virtual assistants, technology providers, consultants and more.

We’ll help you easily define your requirements, and then connect you to suppliers that have already been quality checked and have proven capability to meet your requirements, saving you time, money, risk and a whole bunch of stress!

Just sit back and relax and our recommended suppliers will contact you directly and provide you with an accurate proposal. You simply choose and negotiate directly with the supplier of your choice to get the best outcome for your business.

Save time, money, risk and stress in finding the right solution for your business.