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From reception calls, appointment setting, order taking, administrative duties, telemarketing, surveys and more, businesses are increasingly utilising the resources of skilled Virtual Assistant, often at a substantially cheaper price than an employee or a complete outsources solution.

Like most industries, there is a vast range of skills and expertise when it comes to Virtual Assistants. With such a low barrier to entry (a phone, computer and a desk) anyone can quickly establish themselves as a ‘virtual assistant’ ranging from someone just out of school (or maybe still at school!) through to highly qualified individuals looking to remove themselves from the corporate grind.

There are now literally tens of thousands of Virtual Assistants in Australia so how do you find the Virtual Assistant with the right skills and experience? You can spend hours searching the internet and conducting your own due-diligence or you can try our free CX Connect service.

Our online form will guide you through defining your requirements and then we’ll connect you to the appropriately skilled and available Virtual Assistants in Australia that can precisely meet your requirements.  All the Virtual Assistants on our panel are quality checked with proven experience delivering for other happy customers saving you time, risk, money and stress!

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So instead of wasting hours sifting through the internet or making calls and getting frustrated, simply complete our online form below and we’ll connect you to perfectly matched Virtual Assistants saving you time, risk, money and stress!

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