Customer Solutions FAQs

Once you’ve completed your online form, we’ll carefully analyse your submission and compare your requirements with the capabilities and experience of suppliers on our panel to determine the right solution for your business.

And to reassure you, your requirements are not just analysed by a computer bot or algorithm – your requirements will be assessed by an industry expert.

When we are confident that we’ve found a good fit, we’ll forward your requirements and contact details directly to the selected suppliers.  They will then promptly review your requirements, contact you directly if they require any further information, and then send you a proposal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete your online form?

It depends on the type of support you are seeking but typically anywhere between 3 to 15 minutes.

It’s critical we accurately capture your requirements to ensure you receive accurate proposals from suppliers. Just asking you a few basic questions now only leads to more time being wasted for you later on and it also reduces the number of suppliers willing to provide a proposal.

How many suppliers can we expect to hear from?

Because we professionally assess each of your requirements, we are able to better align your exact needs with the capabilities of outsourcers rather than apply a ‘scattergun’ approach and send it to multiple businesses in the hope one of them might be suitable.

It’s important to realise that a lot of time and effort goes into a supplier responding to and preparing quotes. Like any other business, they can’t afford to waste valuable time and resources.

The reason suppliers sign up for CX Connect is knowing that when they receive a lead from us, it will have already been assessed as being suitable for them.   For these reasons, we tend to limit the number of suppliers we refer your lead to under four.  This ensures you don’t get swamped with proposals to consider and that the suppliers have a reasonable chance of securing your business.

Will you tell me which suppliers I can expect to hear from?

Once we have carefully selected the best suppliers for you we will confirm with you who they are so its not a surprise when they contact you.

Can I negotiate with the suppliers once I receive their proposal?

Absolutely. The suppliers will be keen to win your business and each supplier has a different approach to pricing and how they structure their proposals. If you’d like to discuss any element of the proposal you’ve received, just contact the supplier directly. We also offer support if you need some additional help in making the right decision. 

What if I need more information to make a decision?

If you would like to know more about an suppliers proposal, contact them directly and ask for clarification. Or if you are looking for some independent advice, we offer a consulting service at CX Consult

I’ve selected a supplier, what next?

Once you’ve made a decision, contact the supplier you’ve chosen and tell them the good news! They’ll let us know and we’ll also let the unsuccessful suppliers know that they missed out to save you the time.

What if I don’t receive any proposals from a supplier?

Because we take the time to carefully ensure we only send the suppliers opportunities that are well suited to them, it’s highly unlikely that you won’t hear from them in your requested timeframe.

If however, that does occur please contact us.

How do you select suppliers to be on your panel?

All suppliers are individually screened prior to being accepted into our CX Connect program. Our screening process can include:

  • A comprehensive online assessment
  • Site visits
  • Meetings with senior business representatives
  • References from current and former customers
  • Demonstrations of technology capabilities

How do you determine which suppliers are shortlisted for us?

Your business is far too important to be left to computer algorithms – all of our recommendations are based on a comprehensive analysis of your requirements and our extensive industry experience.

Using your completed online form, your requirements are carefully compared against the profiles and requirements of our approved suppliers.

How do I choose the best supplier?

There is a lot to consider when making a decision as to who to partner with. Whilst all our shortlisted suppliers are capable of meeting your requirements, pricing, locations and experience along with subjective elements like the quality of the proposal, the approach of their team and so on, can all play a factor.

If you’d like independent and objective advice, please refer to our Support Services.

What assurances do you offer on the quality of the recommended suppliers?

We conduct our own due diligence on all suppliers prior to accepting them onto our panel. Once suppliers are accepted, we also conduct satisfaction surveys with customers who have engaged their services and use this information, and market intelligence to ensure the suppliers on our panel are of a high standard.

When any supplier is deemed not to be meeting sufficient standards, we have the rights under our Terms and Conditions with suppliers to remove them from our approved supplier list at any time.

Despite this, we do not accept responsibility for the performance of the supplier as the contract entered into will be between you and the supplier. As such. we encourage all businesses to perform your own due diligence on any supplier you choose to engage with.

What if I’m not happy with the suggested suppliers I’ve received?

In the unlikely event we can’t recommend a supplier for you, we will contact you to discuss what other options are available.

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