About CX Connect

The CX Connect team is passionate about helping businesses build successful partnerships with phone and digital suppliers from large call centre outsourcers through to your home-based Virtual Assistants.

We’ve spent years working in the call centre outsourcing business as well as in the private and public sector using call centre outsourcers so we realise how frustrating it can be for both parties when partnerships aren’t set up correctly.

And we’ve also experienced first hand how hard it can be to find the right supplier that “is on the same page” in helping you achieve your business objectives. And as an outsourcer, we’ve experienced the frustration in trying to find new customers and wasting countless hours on leads that just aren’t right for our business.

CX Connect supports customers and suppliers

We built CX Connect to make it easier for both parties. We do this by taking a bit more time to understand both the customers and outsourcers requirements and only facilitating introductions when there is true alignment. Put simply, this saves wasting valuable time, money and frustration for both parties.

To do this well we make no apologies for taking a bit longer in getting to know both parties. If you are just looking for a quick matching site there are certainly other options available in the marketplace.

But if you are looking to find a quality phone or digital outsourcing solution with reputable suppliers keen to win your work it takes around 10 minutes to complete our online form.  Yes, that requires a level of commitment but that investment in time upfront will ensure that we understand your requirements and can introduce you to the appropriately qualified (and keen) supplier.

And for our suppliers, we have a comprehensive Supplier Portal that really delves into your business so we can confidently recommend your services and truly understand the types of leads and businesses you’d like to receive leads from.

Committed to the industry 

We are fully committed to supporting and growing the CX and call centre industry. The CX Connect service is part of our broader CX Central ecosystem that allows us to provide a range of resources and support to Australia’s contact centre and CX industry.

We are a proud supporter and sponsor of the Auscontact Association, the contact centre industry body and in 2016, we were recognised as the most trusted contact centre brand in Australia by the World Contact Centre Awards.