High-quality field services leads

If you provide field services staff including door-to-door staff, kiosk staff and events staff then you’ll know it can be difficult trying to source new quality leads. The wasted advertising budget or moments where you’ve spent time writing proposals, returning phone calls and emails that go nowhere or responding to poor quality leads that were never qualified correctly. 

Enter our CX Connect service: a new way to receive high-quality field services leads.

We don’t just tick and flick contact details and call it a lead. We’ll deliver you high quality, pre-qualified, industry-specifics leads designed to help you convert. Essentially we’re like an extra Business Development Manager for you, taking the time to understand the customer’s requirements and asking all the questions your BDM would (or should!). 

We fully qualify all our leads before we hand them over to you – from the size of the campaign, key objectives, preferred commercial models, training requirements and more. 

And with our purpose built Supplier Dashboard for Field Service Providers, you also get to define the type of leads you’d like to receive from us. From minimum campaign sizes, durations etc – you get to specify it all in our Suppliers Portal.  This ensures that when you do receive a lead from us, its a lead that won’t waste your time.

Field Services leads for business

Importantly, there is no cost to join – you’ll only pay a small commission to us on successful conversion of the fields services leads we send you (and we’ve even got generous payment terms).

The CX Connect benefits:

  • It's free to join

    There is no cost to join and you only pay a small commission on leads you convert so you’ve got nothing to risk by joining.

  • High Quality Leads

    Our online forms act like a virtual BDM for your business. You’ll receive a lead brief and all the information you need to accurately prepare a proposal for the customer.

  • Complete Transparency

    We offer full transparency on the leads you are allocated with conversions, commissions paid etc all visible in your dashboard.

  • Full control

    You have full control over the leads we send you. From minimum volumes, commercials models and more – all can be controlled directly in your dashboard so you never waste your time on an unsuitable lead again.

  • Generous Payment Terms

    We have generous payment terms to enable you to be paid before our commissions are due

  • Secure and Confidential

    We are fully compliant with all modern privacy guidelines and our Supplier Agreement contains stringent Confidentiality clauses to protect your information.

How to apply:

  • 1. Complete the online form (below)

    Complete the form below so we have the details to prepare your contract and know a little bit about your business.

  • 2. We'll send you a Supplier Agreement

    Our contract will contain out Terms & Conditions including our commission structure. Once we receive a signed contract back from you we’ll provide you with access to our Supplier Portal.

  • 3. Start receiving leads!

    Once your Supplier Profile is complete we’ll start sending you leads that are perfectly aligned to your capabilities.

Get started – complete the online form below: