Customer Solution Providers – FAQs

Rather than just focus on the end customer, we founded CX Connect on the principle of supporting both our customers – customer solution providers and the end customer. By understanding and catering to both, we can ensure the business connections we make are developed for long-term success where both partners benefit.

Our model is built on trust and to ensure complete transparency we’ve listed below the customer solution providers FAQs to provide answers to the common questions we receive and of course, if we haven’t covered anything, our Australian based support team is just a call away!

FAQs for contact centre outsourcers on CX Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation of strong business partnerships is built on trust and that’s why we offer complete transparency on how our model works both before you join us, and as a partner. We’ve included a list of Frequently Asked Questions below but if there is anything we haven’t covered please contact us.

How does it work?

We’ve made it easy to join and start receiving qualified leads:

1. Join our CX Connect program

2. Complete our Supplier Profile (you’ll get access once we have a signed contract)

3. Start receiving  leads through our online portal

4. Directly liaise with the customer to refine your proposal and negotiate rates, solutions, terms etc.

5. If your proposal is successful, you just pay as a small commission from each customer invoice.

Is there any cost to join the CX Connect program?

No, the service is free to join.

Do we have to pay commissions?

If you are successful in securing new business from a lead we’ve sent you, we have a small monthly commission fee that is payable to us with generous payment terms to minimise the impact to your cashflow.

What’s different about CX Connect from other lead generation models?

Our team has decades’ worth of experience in managing outsourcing partners and directly managing call centre outsourcing businesses. This provides us with a unique perspective so we could design a service that benefits both you, and the customer. CX Connect offers:

  • A comprehensive online form that acts like a virtual BDM, capturing all elements of the customer’s needs. This is supported by online and telephone support to ensure the customer’s exact requirements are captured, enabling us to provide you with a comprehensive brief.
  • You can clearly define the parameters for leads you want to receive so we don’t waste your time (or the customers) in referring you leads that aren’t suitable. For example,  you can specify things like no commission only leads, minimum seat sizes, only inbound etc.
  • Your dashboard provides complete transparency so you can review the number of leads you receive from us, the conversion rates, commissions paid and more.  You can also update your profile and lead parameters at any time so it can change with your business.
  • Post engagement support – a unique option that provides customers with the option to have on-demand or structured support to ensure the onboarding process (and beyond!) goes smoothly, helping you onboard quicker and we act like an independent third party to smooth out any bumps.
  • We understand the challenges and nuances of the outsourcing industry and we actively work with both you and the customers to ensure your campaign is a success.
  • We are fully compliant with all modern privacy guidelines and our Supplier Agreement contains stringent Confidentiality clauses to protect your information.

How long does the process take?

On our side, we can have everything set up in a matter of hours! You will need to allow time for the following though:

  • Relevant approvals and signing of our contract
  • Completion of the Supplier Assessment profiles.

What type of support is available?

We are here to provide you with any assistance you need to thrive as one of the customer solution providers on our CX Connect panel. Just contact us at any time.

How do RFI or RFPs work?

For some of the larger corporate customers we provide a personalised shortlisting service that provides the customer with a list of suitable outsourcers that are aligned to their requirements.

We treat this just like any other lead we would send you – it will be sent through our portal to you and if you are successful in winning our usual commission model will apply.

What kind of information do you need to know about our business?

To ensure we can confidently recommend your business and deliver qualified leads that are aligned with your objectives, it’s critical we fully understand your business, your experience and the type of leads you are interested in receiving.

To do this, we have a comprehensive online supplier portal to make it easy for you to provide your information and keep it updated as required.

How many companies get the same lead?

Because we take the time to fully analyse and understand the customer’s requirements, we are able to ensure that we only introduce leads to you where there is an exact fit. By default, this significantly reduces the number of potential ‘matches’ however in the event multiple customer solution providers are still suitable, we will typically refer the lead to around three suppliers to ensure we don’t waste both your time and the customers. 

If we are referring the lead to you via our call centre RFP/RFI shortlisting service then we are bound by the confidentiality of the customer as to whether to disclose the number of other parties involved in the process.

How many leads can we expect?

It’s difficult to put a number on it as it will depend on what our customers require and how they align with your capabilities.

We do, however, offer full transparency via your dashboard so you’ll be able to track how many leads you’ve received from us, and how many of those you are converting.

Remember, there are no costs to join and we won’t waste your time (or our customer’s time) sending unqualified leads to you that don’t meet your minimum requirements.

Our guiding principle is quality over quantity.

How will I know when I get a lead?

We’ll send an email to your nominated contact(s) and the full details will also be available in your portal.

What is the Call Centre Business Directory you referred to?

Whilst we now offer our CX Connect service, some customers like to ‘go it alone’ and with a leading position on Google search rankings for call centre outsourcers, we get plenty of traffic from people looking specifically for call centre outsourcers. 

This traffic provides a steady flow of highly targeted customers looking exactly for services you provide! 

Learn more about our call centre business directory options or take a look at the directory for call centre outsourcers.

What’s involved in the Supplier Assessment Profiles?

To ensure we fully understand your business and to enable us to confidently recommend your business we have built a comprehensive Supplier Assessment that assesses your competencies and capabilities. It includes the following sections:

  • Contacts
  • Your locations
  • Functional experience (e.g sales, service, telemarketing etc)
  • Legals (professional insurances)
  • Current and past references
  • Current campaigns
  • Awards and achievements
  • Technology platforms
  • Channels you support
  • Support functions (e.g. WFM, L&D etc)
  • Commercial models (what you are interested in)
  • Volumes (what size campaigns you are interested in receiving leads for)
  • Data acquisition (your experience in sourcing and preparing data)

It is your responsibility to keep your profile updated at all times so we can correct refer leads to you.

We also go the extra mile

As you know, even after winning work, your job is never finished! From defining requirements, contract negotiations through to onboarding, there is a huge amount of work still to be completed by both parties.

CX Connect offers additional support options to our customers requiring additional assistance through the call centre outsourcing process.

We use our extensive outsourcing experience to help the customer ensure they are prepared for the call centre outsourcing journey which, in our experience, has significantly improve the onboarding process and ensures that the customer has realistic expectations on the entire outsourcing journey.

Our objective is to make the partnership work for everyone involved – it’s this level of commitment and support that helps you to build thriving long-term relationships in which all parties benefit from.

How CX Connect goes the extra mile for contact centre outsourcers

Still can’t find the answer to your question above? Contact our Australian based support team.