Consulting FAQs

If you’re a consultant looking to receive high-quality leads, our CX Connect service will deliver them straight to your inbox! We’re sure you might have a few questions on how the service works so we’ve compiled our frequently asked questions below. If you still dont find what you need please contact our Australian Based support team on 1300 292 368 or contact us online.

Consulting – Frequently Asked Questions

How can CX Connect help me with securing consulting work?

Thanks to our strong online presence through our CX Central website, high page ranking results for CX related terms in search engine searches (e.g. Google) and decades of experience in call centres and CX, we receive regular traffic and enquiries from customers looking for consulting solutions.

CX Connect is designed to understand the customer requirements, and then connect them to suitably qualified consultants to help them.

How does CX Connect work?

1. Join our CX Connect program as a Consulting supplier.

2. Complete our Supplier Profile.

3. Start getting leads tailored to your skill set.

4. Send your proposal and negotiate terms directly with the customer.

5. Only pay us a small commission if you successfully convert the lead we send you.

Is there any cost to join the CX Connect program?

No, the service is free to join.

Do we have to pay commissions?

If you are successful in securing new business from a lead we’ve sent you, we have a small commission fee you pay us each time you invoice that client. 

How long does the join process take?

On our side, we can have you set up in a matter of hours! You will need to allow time for the following though:

  • Relevant approvals and signing of our contract
  • Completion of the Supplier Assessment profiles.

What type of support is available?

We are here to provide you with any assistance you need to thrive as one of our Consulting suppliers on our CX Connect panel. Just contact us at any time if you need some help.

What kind of information do you need to know about my services?

To ensure we can deliver qualified leads that are aligned with your business objectives, it’s critical we fully understand your business, your experience and the type of leads you are interested in receiving from us.

To do this, we have a comprehensive online supplier portal to make it easy for you to provide your information and keep it updated as required.

How many consultants get the same lead?

We will only refer a consulting lead to suppliers that specifically meet the requirements the customer is looking for. Because we have a comprehensive requirements gathering form this lowers the number of suitable suppliers providing you with a greater chance to convert a lead we send you. 

How much consulting work can we expect to receive?

It’s difficult to put a number on it as it will depend on what our customers require and how they align with your capabilities

We do, however, offer full transparency via your dashboard so you’ll be able to track how many leads you’ve received from us, and how many of those you are converting.

Remember, there are no costs to join and we won’t waste your time (or our customer’s time) sending unqualified leads to you that don’t meet your minimum requirements.

Our guiding principle is quality over quantity.

How will I know when I get a lead?

You can nominate an email address in your Supplier Portal which will alert you each time a lead is suitable.

What’s involved in the Supplier Assessment Profiles?

To ensure we fully understand your consulting experience and can recommend your service with confidence, we have built a comprehensive Supplier Assessment that includes a range of sections. As an example, these can include:

  • Contact information
  • Your location
  • Willingness to travel
  • Your specific consulting experience
  • Legals (professional insurances)
  • Current and past references
  • Awards and achievements
  • Your commercial structures
  • Availability

We constantly tweak our supplier profiles to ensure we offer the best service.

Start getting consulting leads

Can’t find the answer to your question above? You can contact our Australian based support team at any time.